Politics is about perception, at least so they say. It is about trying to cast doubt upon the voters regarding your opponent. That is why there tends to be so much mudslinging during election season, for the most part, campaigns try to play that perception game through lies and innuendo. But there is something that works so much better: the truth.

The truth of the matter is that in the 3rd Congressional district here in Illinois is that the current Congressman Dan Lipinski is truly out of touch with voters in the district and in the country. If Mark Pera’s campaign can continue to use the truth against Lipinski in the media then voters will soon enough have a new Congressman.

It really started as the online community began railing Lipinski as a “Bush Dog” for his continued support of the war in Iraq and no where near progressive stances on stem cell research, choice and the environment. Pera, up to the task of running a primary challenge against him, has been targeting Lipinski on these issues as well as his scandal plagued staff and supporters. Local newspaper columnist Kristen McQueary then sat down with Lipinski to set the record straight. To say the least that didn’t turn out too well for him.

My advice to the congressman: If you need help organizing your congressional office, invite your dad over for eggs and discuss it. If you need to raise money for a political action committee, find a different adviser. Mingling a PAC for kids’ activities with political business is a wee bit tacky.

And no charge, Mr. Congressman. That advice is free.

Since then, the Pera campaign has continued to gain steam and traction with great mail pieces and two tv commercials. His first one aimed at Lipinski’s unwillingness to end the war in Iraq and the people’s desire to do so:

This one is about high gas prices and the non-effort being taken by Lipinski.

He continues hitting a strong message home with smart mail-pieces.

gas prices

Mail-pieces don’t get any more to the point than that one. We are paying $3 a gallon for gas and Lipinski is not doing anything about it. Voters are upset and are demanding action on this issue and others while Lipinski seems to sitting on his hands.

All the while local media continues to dog the “Bush Dog Democrat” Lipinski. I mean even Fox News got into the act:

So the local media is gunning for Lipinski, local voters are not being properly represented and their are just a “few” questionable ethics violations. Sounds like the perception of Mr. Lipinski is finally catching up with him and with the truth. Time for change.