Some news of the week via Faith in Public Life:

Obama, Democrats, and Young Evangelicals
Sen. Obama’s speech at the United Church of Christ Synod is dissected primarily in relation to the issue of abortion. The article discusses a Democratic push towards moderation with regards to abortion and what that would mean.

Romney Questioned by Conservatives
Mitt Romney, while campaigning in Iowa, was forced to answer questions regarding his religion. He said there is no religious litmus test for candidates and that he views Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

Romney’s Faith “Problem” Could Be Blessing
Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith is drawing criticism; however, it could work to his advantage. Romney is often seen as an effective executive, but his record would show otherwise under close scrutiny. A focus on his faith would take away from a close examination of his political record.

Bush’s Church State Mess Takes Liberties With Ours
President Bush’s legacy has been widely talked about as his presidency is coming to an end. Perhaps the largest aspect of his legacy is the entanglement of church and state that has been left through federal funding of faith based initiatives.

Romney Criticized for Hotel Pornography
Mitt Romney has recently come under fire for not doing more to stop the hotel chain Marriott from offering in room pornographic movies. Critics say his actions are not in line with his stated position on the issue.

Bloomberg Could Be First Jewish President
Michael Bloomberg being a Jew isn’t an issue in New York given its large Jewish population. However, his faith would be thrust into the forefront if he were to run for the presidency.

Romney Faces Uphill Battle for Evangelical Voters
Mitt Romney, in order to win, must gain the support of evangelicals, many of whom are skeptical of his recent conversion to more conservative positions.