Lord, in this world we seek and work for justice, justice for ourselves and justice for those around us.  Yet what justice means differs between individuals and groups, and opposing sides often argue that they both are on a quest for justice.  God, give us the wisdom to honestly discern the nature of true justice, yet at the same time give us the humility to know that we can never have a monopoly on justice.

We pray this week for our leaders, that they may work to reconcile around the issue of immigration.  And for all those who dwell in this country, whether recent immigrant, immigrant from hundreds of years past, or native to this land, we pray for compassion and the realization that we are all citizens of the world.  May the families who have been separated still feel the bonds of love, and may we all know in our hearts that, though we are separated by borders and seas, we are all interrelated – we are all each other’s brothers and sisters.