Lord, after the completion of the G8 summit, and in the midst of presidential debates and negotiations in the Congress, we pray for wisdom, compassion, and justice in the political process. Lord, though we live in America and are constantly mired in our own policies and national worries, we pray for the entire world.

Global leaders have a chance to do immense good and, whether religious or not, have a chance to facilitate something that resembles the Kingdom of God. But, at the same time, they have an opportunity to inadvertently, and in some cases purposely, foster evil and ill will.  Lord, for those that would do the latter, change their hearts – give them hearts and minds only for justice. 

God this prayer is not only for leaders, but for each citizen and individual who populates each nation. Give us the strength and courage to lead, whether it be on a small, grassroots scale or larger.  Though there is corruption, though there is the possibility for harm, let us not shy away but embrace the political system and democracy as a chance for change and an improvement for the lives of all.

Let us remember that a primary purpose of politics is not to serve only the wealthy, but all who inhabit the world, and more than that give us the wisdom to use the political process to help those who have been deemed “the least of these.”

This we pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen