Last candidate is Senator Hillary Clinton.  She sits down with Soledad just as the first two did to begin.  Asks about Mike Gravel and her moral responsibility on her vote on Iraq.  Absolutely!  All votes have moral implication.  Terrific response to begin her 15 minutes.

Reluctant to apologize for vote to give Bush authority to go to war in Iraq… uses If I knew then what I know now once again.

Doesn’t talk a lot about faith, says Soledad.  Bill Clinton’s affairs are brought up and how her faith got her through it.  Hillary says that she would not have gotten through it without her faith.  Comes from tradition that says to take skeptically those who wear their faith on their sleeve (applause).  Times when tested, absolutely needs to be grounded in faith.

When she prays, what does she ask for?  Depends upon the time of day, discernment, encouragement, friends and family or those who she is struck by.  Tells a story about a man in the Congo and her prayer for this man she doesn’t even know.

Rev. Joel Hunter is up with a question, about abortion (wondering when it was going to come up).  Rev. Hunter asks it very well about reaching a consensus and reaching zero abortions.  Answered wonderfully by admitting that both sides have not been able to come together to get something done.  Receives applause.  Maybe should have stopped shortly after that because it was the best part of her answer.  Opps, spoke too soon… she just invited Rev. Hunter to work with her on the issue… nice job!

Msgr. Kevin Sullivan head of Catholic Charities , need for sacrifice in a variety of issues. She responds with there is an opportunity for us to work together… 45 million American 9 million of them children without health insurance is a moral wrong!  Applause… Have to build a political consensus and give up a little ground.

Time’s up!  Gets a very good amount of applause.  She did very well.  Overall thoughts and round up are next!!!