Now it is Senator Barack Obama’s turn.  He too gets a very loud applause… seems a lot longer in length.

Soledad starts it off with a question if God is on the side certain troops, namely American troops.  Quotes Abe Lincoln “Are we on God’s side”, are we our brother and sister’s keeper.  Good answer!

The senator believe there is evil in the world, through violence and cruelty.   We have a duty to act against that, sometimes it means taking up arms, Civil War was a just war.  Sometimes we act unjustly even in a just cause, like Abu Gharaib and Guantanomo.

He is next asked about his support for Israel.  Expect Israel to react to the bombs coming into their territories.  Is there a way to resolve the conflict?  There needs to be some soul searching.  Palestinians need to renounce violence.  Seek reconciliation.  Faith needs to come in and say that regardless of what has happened things can change in the future.

Rev. Wallis up again… happy birthday to him.  New ways of doing politics, what kind of moral and political obligations would you bring forward?  Obama answers that we are all connected, if someone is being impoverished, it impoverishes him.  We have mutual responsibilities.  Starting point is to restore that we are all in it together.  We need to fix our politics, get past the either or mentality and embrace a more inclusive mentality.  Mentions early childhood education as a good start, he is where he is at because of his education.   Wants to expand it.  It takes government action and individual responsibility.  We must make a commitment to provide second chance for people coming out of prison, sees a biblical mandate to do so.  Last thing he wants to point out is the issue of work and poverty: we haven’t lifted people out of poverty with the work that they have received… raising the minimum wage, gets applause.

Last question.  Executive salaries raising 300%, the haves and the have nots.  Bill out their right now saying stockholders should be able to vote on executives salary.  Sees biblical mandate to address it as well.  Times up.

He received a very loud round of applause.  He took nearly his whole time to address Rev. Wallis’ question about poverty and policy.  Smart move!