So we get started with John Edwards being asked about evolution (good answers) and now we move onto gay marriage.  Edwards says that he does not believe gays have the right to be married.  Christian nation? No, many Christians in the country and others are entitled to have their beliefs respected.

Rev. Jim Wallis begins to ask about poverty, Edwards key issue (the candidate also stands up).  How will he mobilize the nation to to address poverty?  Starts poverty center, humanitarian work, organizing unions and prior to elected office worked with faith based groups.  He would do everything in his power to get others to talk about poverty and he believes poverty can be eliminated in 30 years.  Talks about the issue all over America as it is part of who he is as a human being.  Will fight for the poor with everything he has as long as he is alive and breathing.

Rev. Sharon Watkins from the Disciples of Christ asks about prayer and the decisions he would make as president.  Also asks about the voice he hears is from God or from himself.  Edwards begins laughing about it and addresses that he actually prays for guidance daily to know if it is God’s voice.  His faith came roaring back during some tough times for his family (when his six year old son died).  It gives him strength to keep going.

Rev. Suzan Johnson Cook, Believers Christian Fellowship.  Question is targeted on Katrina relief.  A softball question for the former Senator as he announced in New Orleans.  Edwards believes that one person needs to be in charge and the president needs to ask every day “what did you do yesterday” to continue the relief efforts.

Soledad is back up.  Biggest sin you ever committed?  Hard time telling one specific sin, sins every single day, all sinners, all fall short.  Pretty good answer!  Time is up.

My first impression is that Edwards answered the questions really well but seriously 15 minutes goes really fast.

See the next post in the next 15 minutes and the next candidate.