Lord, during this time let us be mindful of small and large injustice.  While we drive, and fill up our gas tanks, we feel what we deem an injustice perpetrated by the oil companies.  It is easy Lord, to get caught up in these injustices and forget that, for many in the world, living a life where they have a car at all would be a major blessing. 

Help us to focus not on the cost of resources, but what high cost tells us about the state of the world, and let us work to further the help of world countries as opposed to striping them of resources for our gain.  However, though we have the major difficulties at the front of our mind, allow us to remember what may be deemed “small”.  It is the small injustices that make up the large, and allow us the wisdom to know that all things are related.  Let us respond to small injustices by making large changes, so that not only are our daily lives altered, but through a ripple effect the world is made better.

Help us in this work, move your spirit through us.