Besides writing here on Faithfully Liberal I spend my time working on local campaigns. That’s my day job, one that I love passionately but it probably would not be possible without Patrick Botterman. I am just one of dozens of young people he helped guide into their first paying gig with a campaign.

Pat had not even met me; he saw my resume and spoke with someone who said nice things. The next thing I know he is calling me; setting me up with two interviews and making sure the jobs would pay enough so I could make ends meet. Soon after I started my campaign life with State Senator Dan Kotowski and State Representative John Fritchey. Two of the most honest, hard working and progressive Democrats in the Illinois legislature.

Goal Thermometer

Pat also worked as the Committeeman of the Wheeling Township Democrats.  Often times he would pay expenses out of his own pocket and now that he has passed away the office is in need of some serious funds. This office is paramount to the efforts of local progressives to elect even more honest and hard working Democrats in the Chicago suburbs. I am setting a personal goal of raising $250 in the next 10 days when the office will be holding their first annual Pat Botterman Leadership Award.

So I am asking you readers to help me raise the $250, scratch that as an incentive I will chip in the first $50 to get us started. Can you help me with $200 in the next 10 days? Throw in a five, a ten or match my $50 to help a local homegrown organization compete in November.

I learned a lot from Pat, could have learned more and owe him my best and honest work. Please consider it.